Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI), is an initiative by the United States Government to bring together young African leaders from all walks of life and provide them with the tools and resources necessary to develop the skills and connections they require to become a positive force for change in their communities.

As part of our sustainable development programs, YALI Abuja Network launched the YALI Abuja Fellowship in 2020. The YALI Abuja Fellowship Cohort 2 themed; “A Better Me, A Better Nigeria” is an impactful six (6) Weeks program that involves placing carefully selected YALI Abuja Fellows with Organizations and Firms to enable them gain needed mentorship, career boost, and an opportunity to provide solutions to organizational needs in the firms.

The information provided on this form will be used by the YALI Abuja Fellowship Committee to select fellows for the YALI Abuja Fellowship Cohort 2. It is important that you give comprehensive information while completing the form.

Click here to apply.



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