The virtual internship by OMAPLEX Law Firm is a work experience program whereby Participants (interns) gain experience while working virtually.

The Virtual Internship intends to provide various opportunities for interns to learn more about the operations of a Legal Business, by carrying out basic activities that may include mastering the skill of Proof reading documents, Drafting, Presentations/Proposals, Research, sorting through documents and more.

One of the skills and knowledge that Participants are expected to gain is an opportunity to expand their knowledge of and experience with Technology thereby helping with the development of skills in time management and problem solving . Also, the internship is intended to equip interns with a range of skills that will help them network and build valuable connections in the legal industry which can also be a valuable addition to their Curriculum Vitae, thereby giving them a front over their counterparts who will not key into this laudable scheme.

Record a 2-minute video introducing yourself, telling us why you want to be a part of the virtual internship and stating your expectation(s) of the law practice in the next five years. Upload it to any of your preferred social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn). Follow, mention and tag us on your video post. Use the following hashtags #omaplexlawfirm #omaplexvirtualinternship for your video post and paste the link to the video in the space provided for video link below.

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