Our trailblazer for August is Intissar Bashir Kurfi.

Intissar Bashir Kurfi is the Founder, Ifrique Collections and Designs Ltd, Intisar works to promote SDG 6, which is providing clean water and sanitation through Sustainovation Solutions. The company now produces interlocking tiles and eco-friendly toilets using wastes from pep bottles and used sachet water plastics.

She studied Architecture from Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria. She is an entrepreneur and a housewife with three children. After Architecture at ABU, she went for Advanced Diploma in Interior Designs in Albedo Designs School, Abuja.

She one of the Leading ladies Africa – 100 Most inspiring women in Nigeria 2020. #LLA100Women

Through her Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), she visited a Fulani Community near Gwarinpa in Abuja, where she discovered they did not have drinking water and toilets; they practiced open defecation. She provided them with toilets and drinking water.

To address these issues she started Sustainovation Solutions, a company aimed at solving environmental issues such as the problem of open defecation in Nigeria. Through the Company, she aims to make eco-friendly public toilets, in Abuja, and subsequently other parts of Nigeria.

Photo credit: Intissar Bashir Kurfi

She uses plastic bottle water and drink bottles to build toilets instead of blocks. She uses eco-friendly materials to build the toilets. She also makes inter-locking tiles from waste such as nylon bags and pure water sachets

She was recently interviewed by BBC News Pidgin. Here are clips from the interview.

All photo credits: Intissar Bashir Kurfi

Video Credit: BBC News Pidgin

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