Are you between the ages of 18-35 currently living in a natural resource region and looking to make a sustainable change in your community?

The Natural Resource Data Challenge 2020

The Natural Resource Data Challenge is a 4-month incubator program that focuses on creating social impact tech solutions for the natural resource sector.

This program seeks to find individuals with a desire to create solutions that are centered on open data, community development, and data transparency.

Key Focus:
Open Data
Community Development

We are selecting 5 individuals from Ghana, who are either from or currently living in a natural resource community, and looking to develop their ideas into a business.

Join the 4-month incubation program and learn how to create solutions for these communities through tech, business and data transparency.

The 5 selected individuals will be housed in Takoradi for the duration of the project.

Then apply for the Natural Resource Data Challenge today!

Learn more, and apply here

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