Project Kuongoza is a Mentorship and Fellowship program that empowers women and girls across Sub-Saharan Africa and MESA Countries to Lead and become more experienced for the growing workforce in STEM.

This solution is a first-to-market initiative that pairs
young girls aged 15 – 25 to Professional Women Mentors in STEM where we build a
society that guarantees equal access to socio-economic, equitable opportunities, help young girls access new markets, work flexibly and integrate these learned skills – after the program.

This program supports pursuit of young Girls and Womens’ Academic and Career aspirations in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Engineering and Mathematics).

Our mentorship program pairs Women and Girls to experienced female STEM role models in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Innovation.

A career in these fields will seem as attractive and attainable as any other. We believe Mentorship can also increase self confidence, boost communication skills, and enhance leadership qualities that’ll benefit girls throughout their careers.

The mentorship program is recommended for girls aged 15-25, and registration opens up twice in a year.

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