Welcome to day 16 of the winter blogging challenge.

Today’s blog topic is on sharing on grief, loss or healing and I will be writing on how you can turn failures and disappointments into opportunities for success.


Turning Failure to lemonade

Disappointments and failure s are inequitable in life’s journey. However, how we respond after a disappointing moment or a failure is what makes the difference.

It’s golden to change how we react to such a situation by turning failures into lemonade.

The Hurt

I would be lying if I say it doesn’t hurt when you get disappointed or fail at something, especially when you give it your all, time, energy and dedication. It sure comes with its own share of pain and hurt. It is okay to go through the hurting process. Cry if you want to, take a break to relax, rest and clear your head, reward yourself with ice cream or go to the movies for now just Netflix and chill, go the spa, or go shopping. You deserve it.


Dust yourself and get up. You are not a defeatist.

4 ways to turn Failure to lemonade

1| Learn

You have to learn to see every failure or disappointment as a great learning process.  Write down the lessons learnt during the process. What new skills did you learn? Most of the time we are too unhappy and sad to see lessons learnt.

Take for example you apply for a job, went through the interview process but you weren’t picked. Some lessons from the process, you learnt how to answer questions during an interview. You can evaluate your answers and know how to do better if asked similar questions. You may have been asked to write an essay or draft a project plan. In the process, you learnt about a new topic/ area during your essay, gained research skills, and learned the essential parts of a project plan.

2| Re-Strategize  

After writing the lessons learnt, it’s time to re-Strategize. Write down you could have done differently. What people are doing? Seek the opinions of others such as mentors or friends. Conduct a SWOT analysis (Strength, weakness, opportunities and threat).

After all these, you map out a plan moving forward. If you need to gain new skills or take a professional exam, pen all that down and state your achievement plan.

3| Keep and positive mind-set

Use affirmations to keep yourself pumped up.

I am a Winner.

I am destined for greatness.

I am the greatest.

I am a conqueror

4| Try Again

After all this, the next thing is to try again.


Let’s keep the conversation going in the comment section. Share ways in which you deal with failures and disappointment.

Thank you for reading.

Love Veronica

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