Welcome to day 14 of the winter blogging challenge.

Today’s focus is on one cultural aspect of your country. I have decided to write about a Nigerian wedding.

Saturdays are for weddings.

I miss attending weddings.

Nigerian weddings are always colourful and fun-filled affair.

The party jollof rice always never disappoints.

Traditional Wedding

The traditional wedding always comes before the white/ church wedding. At this event, the bride is traditionally joined with the groom. It’s a fun-filled event, the bride gets to change into different traditional attires. These attires differ from each ethnic group.

Friends and family are all dressed up in wedding Aseebi. (Asoebi is a uniform dress that is traditionally worn in Nigeria and some West African cultures as an indicator of cooperation and solidarity during ceremonies and festive period especially a Nigerian wedding)

Igbo traditional wedding

Hausa traditional wedding

The Groom and his friends

Bride and her friends

The white wedding

The white wedding is typically done by Christians in Nigeria where the couple comes before God to and Man to declare their wedding vows.

The white wedding takes place traditionally in a church and can range between the Clergy, the couple and their witnesses to a larger crowd of friends and family.

After this all the well meaning friends and we’ll wishers will proceed to the reception where they honour the couple with their presence, presents, and extensive appetites.

Now no conventional wedding reception is complete without a traditional dance from the couple, the displays from the parents of the couple and their aso-ebi wearers, the spraying of money by guests and the delicacies of the cook and his flamboyant display.

The couple is then sent off into wonderful eternal bliss or a few months of debt and regret understandably.

Thank you for reading.

Love Veronica

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