THEME: Reinvention; Position Yourself for For Opportunities Post NYSC

This conference seeks to provide youth with knowledge and skills to deal with the anxiety of post-NYSC while debunking post-NYSC myths leveraging the practical experiences of our seasoned facilitators who are professionals and successful captains of their organizations.

Participants will learn to discover purpose, unlock their passion and potential, understand how the workplace operates, get exposed to relevant skillset needed in the workplace and how to identify and maximize opportunities post-NYSC and post COVID-19.

There will be special breakout sessions to expose the participants to the different career paths, business opportunities, emerging and untapped lucrative sectors around us.

Side Attractions Include: Quizzes and presentation by iLEAD fellows (NYSC Corps Members)

Virtual Youth Conference specially organized for youth corps members and for every youth, who wants the practical knowledge to transition post-NYSC.

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