Welcome to day 9 of the winter blogging challenge.

Today is all about 5 social media accounts you follow and what you like about them. I added a bonus.

Here are my five social media accounts.

1| Opportunity Desk

OD by Grace Ihejiamaizu has played an integral part in my personal development journey. It was through this platform that I saw the opportunity for the African Presidential Leadership Program (APLP), for which I was selected. When I decided to focus on my personal development and step out of my comfort zone, I began searching for social media accounts that shared opportunities and I found OD.

2| MomentswithBern


I can’t remember the time I started following her account but I can testify that it has been an amazing journey. I have learned a lot from her tweets. She is constantly sharing opportunities for people to explore. She is an inspiration.

I recently had the opportunity of attending two webinars she was a guest on and she shared her wealth of knowledge. I was taking notes all through the class.

She shared the importance of conducting a personal SWOT analysis, having a slogan, and many more. I can’t wait to share a blog post on lessons learned.

Currently, she has teamed up with the Opportunity Desk in the career acceleration program.

You can see more details here and sign up for the program.

You can also check out her Telegram account.

3| Headstart Africa

I got to know about Headstart Africa and John Obidi from my amazing friend, Funmilola Adeagbo. I met her at the African Presidential Leadership Program. I checked her up one night and she told me she was having night school. The next day, she gave me a whole breakdown of the lessons she learned from night school.

Fast forward to a few months she sent me a link on WhatsApp to Join the night school and I was blown away.

He recently organized the Headstart Africa Summit and it was amazing. I got to listen to amazing people changing the world and inspiring others to do the same.

John Obidi tells it like it is. He’s like a father who gives tough love to his kids. He shines like a lighthouse for youths to find their voice and change the world.

You should join his Facebook and Telegram group to see for yourself. Night school is the best.

4| Keeping It Real with Adeola – Adeola Fayehun on Youtube

. She tells it like it is with no sugar coating. If you’re doing a great job she says it and if you aren’t she calls you out.

She also works hard at changing the African narrative by showcasing success stories Africans making a difference in the world.

I would also like to say thanks to Koledowo. Lol

5| Paradigm Initiative

As an ICT Lawyer, I am passionate about digital rights. Paradigm Initiative is constantly advocating for digital rights in Africa. I was privileged to have attended one of their training on digital rights and it was amazing. I was able to expand my knowledge about digital rights.

You should check out Training Day, a movie by Paradigm Initiative.


Thank you for reading.



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