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Today is day 5 of the winter blogging challenge.

Networking is an essential skill in the world today. I have a favourite networking quote which I am governed by “Your Network is your Net worth”. I am constantly searching for opportunities to connect and meet new people. Build relationships for collaboration and partnerships for now and the future.

I attend Workshops, Summits, Forums, Trainings, and Conferences. I also utilise Social Media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to grow and expand my network. The professional networks, which I have built over the years, have aided my professional growth, exposed me to life changing opportunities, and connected me with individuals whom I have collaborated and partnered with.

This has further advanced my skills set and impact. I maintain my network by constantly sharing opportunities, motivating them, referring and connecting them with people working in the same interest and passion of impact.

One amazing story, I would love to share is how I connected with Rachel Eyo, a Lawyer, Blogger and Mental Health Advocate in 2019. I read a tweet about Rachel from one of my networks. I was amazed by her work and followed her and we connected. We scheduled a meeting for September 21, 2019, during the meeting, we discussed about organising an Instagram Live Mental Health Awareness Chat tagged “Coping with Depression and Suicidal Thoughts” which was accomplished on September 28, 2019.

We were able to reach 37 people in a single day, raise awareness about mental health and shared tips on coping with depression and suicidal thoughts, which is a growing epidemic in Nigeria.

As you go on your day cease every opportunity to connect with someone and make new friends. You never know just how far your networking can reach.  Prepare yourself to network, get your business and professional card made. Add your social media handles to your business cards. When you meet people share your contact.

A good way to start a conversation is to state how lovely the person looks or smile and say hi to them. Also try to find out their interest and listen.

A great way to ensure you maintain your network is to always feed your network. Do not let it be a one sided, where you only benefit from your network rather when you come across and opportunity share with your network. When you see a job opportunity which fits a member of your network share with your network.

If you are going to attained a conference or workshop. Write down your plans. Research the speakers and learn what they do to enable you start and maintain a conversation with them.

Thank you for reading.

Love Veronica

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