I know the title may look a bit odd to you. Why the use of yesterday you might ask? I used yesterday because we should have found our path and purpose in life yesterday. However, it is not too late and I am happy you are taking the step to finding your purpose and I am glad to take this step with you.

My name is Igube Veronica Pana. I am a Lawyer and Social Entrepreneur. This is the story of how I found my life at 30. I wrote this to share my story, motivate and encourage teenagers, youths to take charge of their lives before turning 30.

After I passed the bench mark of 25, time seemed to run so fast. I was living my life in content and was somewhat afraid to get out of my conform zone. I took little risks and was scared and frighten about how life at 30 would become and who I would turn out to be in the future.

My ahh moment, I might say came at 29. It was the end of the year, December 2018. The firm, I work at was closing for the year and I had a chat about the year 2018 with my boss, turned mentor, who is the most amazing boss in the world, Basil Udotai, who always told me to always stay on top of the pyramid and never at the end. He asked me what plans I had planned for 2019. The conversation was thought provoking and left me thinking about my plans for 2019.

I was working at a great Law firm in the novel area of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Law, I was able to make ends meet relatively, and I volunteered for various nonprofit organization. I had learnt how to drive September that year and I my life was ok. But after the conversation with my boss, I wanted to do more. A review of my life had shown, I had refused to get out of my comfort zone for fear of failure.

I promised myself to turn 2019 into my year of personal development and growth. I can remember just being excited and writing down all the New Year resolutions for 2019. I checked my life and cleaned out my closet. I was able to set goal

I took that step of faith, stepped out of my comfort zone and the results were amazing. I grow spiritually, I was able to start a Nonprofit, We Ignite Lives for Greatness Nigeria Initiative, I was able to start a blog, ThinkingOutloud with Veronica Igube, I was able to participate in the first cohort of the African Presidential Leadership Program (APLP), Cairo, Egypt, I was able to become a Global Schools Advocate pushing for Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) in schools.

I was able to join Climate Change Action and wrote my first article on Climate Change, I connected with Rachel Eyo on Twitter, she gave meaning to my mental health advocacy.

I was also able to attend the World Youth Forum 2019 as a Speaker on Artificial Intelligence with experts in the field. I was able to connect with other young advocates.

All these may seem like small wins to some other person but to me they were life changing experiences. In the end, I was able to find myself at 30, I was living life and even forgot all the worries I had about turning 30.

It was not all roses, I faced some failures too, disappointments and rejections. I applied for scholarship and other opportunities and got denied. I rose above it all and I am enjoying my journey. I am still finding my footing in the world but I am taking it once step and a time.

Thanks for reading.


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