Welcome to day 3 of the winter blogging challenge. Today is all about my favourite Local Meal.

My favourite Local delicacy is AMALA AND EWEDU.

Before you start reading, I want to apologise for the number of times you would come across the word ‘Amala’ and ‘Ewedu’ reading this post.

I am a secret foodie. I love to eat in small potions but when it comes to Amala and Ewedu and all the assorted meats rolling around, I can eat it for Africa. When I need to reward myself aside from Pizza and ice cream of course my go to be you already know it, Amala and Ewedu.

I am Nigerian, I come from the beautiful Nasarawa State, Home of Solid minerals located at the North Central Region. This delicacy originated from the people of the South West Nigeria.

Growing up I never had Amala, I first ate it as a young adult. It was amazing and we zinged. I can remember the time I travelled to Lagos and first thing I had was Amala, Ewedu and Gbegiri. It was amazeballs.

To explain my love for Amala, although I am not a comedian, I would tell you a funny story and promise not to laugh.

Even if you don’t find it funny please laugh cos I really thought it was funny.

I have this favourite Amala spot close to my office. I try to switch up my lunch selections once in a while but I still always run back to my best.

Back to my story, throughout work all I could think about was Amala and Ewedu. I fought the craving and had rice for lunch. See me trying to be stubborn with myself. Hmm

After work I decided I still wanted to have Amala and Ewedu. I went to by favourite spot and lo and behold. They had closed.

I went to the next spot but they were out Amala. Wow

I didn’t want to take no for an answer, I took out my phone and started search for Amala spot nearby and I went to the third spot.

My first question was, please do you have Amala and Ewedu? and the reply was a big yes.


I bought it and on getting home I rewarded myself.

The end.

Please let’s keep the conversation going at the comment section. Share your best local meal or stories in relation to the meals.

Thanks for reading.

Love Veronica

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