PIND is seeking the services of a consultant to conduct analysis of the labor and workforce issues and context for youth employment in Delta State that enables better understanding of current or future market opportunities, workforce requirements (technical and soft skills in demand for employment/job creation) and pathways available to youth. The consultant will be engaged based on qualifications and commensurable experience in line with the expertise to gather information and provide data that are relevant to the labor market assessment and NDYEP intervention design in Delta State. Proposals are hereby requested from interested individuals and organizations.


In undertaking this assignment, the consultants will:

  • Consult broadly with key PIND partners including the Delta State Job Creation Agency and also liaise with the PIND ED and PB team as appropriate.
  • Conduct field visits to gather, collate and analyze data in Delta State.
  • Identify sectors and institutions with specific employment opportunities, sustainability of the jobs and the actual skill sets and qualification required for filling them.
  • Identify broadly. The support systems for technical training and skill acquisition programs in Delta State.
  • Highlight gender-related dimensions of the youth employment challenge to guide program design and implementation.
  • Participate in and present key findings from the study at a validation workshop with selected stakeholders.
  • Participate in intervention workshop to share insights and provide guidance for intervention design
  • Prepare a satisfactory labour assessment report.


  • University degree qualified with relevant experience in development, capacity building, Business development services, research and youth programming.
  • Experience with previous conduct of labor market assessments is certainly desirable.
  • Understanding of the Niger delta context and experience working in the region is important.
  • Candidate should have at least 8 years’ work experience with good analytical and writing skills.


Interested Consultants are required to submit recent curriculum vitae along with a brief proposal and statement of capacity to carry the assignment. The proposal which should also indicate expected professional fees for services should be emailed to


Not later than 1st June 2020.

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