Are you a youth between ages 18-24? Do you live in #Lagos or #Borno? Do you have ideas that can make a difference in your community? If you do, then apply for the GenUnlimited challenge.

Application closes 20th February.

Follow this link to apply:


1) Your team must have at least three members, including you, and we recommend no more than five members total.

2) Eligible teams are required to work on a new idea or project. For example, for this particular challenge young people cannot apply if:

– They have already received funding to develop the idea.

– They are already a registered company or community organization

3) Every member of your team must be aged between 14 and 24. We welcome diversity! We welcome teams of all genders or none and include a diversity of all kinds of identity – gender, sexuality, ethnicity, disability, etc.

4) Every member of your team must be available to participate in all days of the workshop and orientation session. (Dates will be sent shortly)

5) If selected for local seed funding and mentorship, you need to be able to commit to implementing your idea, which could last until at least July 2021.

6) If selected for global seed funding, you need to be able to commit to ongoing implementation.

About your information: We will only collect information from you if needed for the Youth Challenge. We will only use this information to contact you about the Challenge, and it will not be shared with any partners.


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