In a bid to democratize opportunities for youths in Ag, My Farmbase Africa would be giving 10 free slots to youths to attend this


Twelve million young people enter the African workforce each year with only roughly 3 million jobs available to them.

To many, an agricultural career is not a glamorous prospect, particularly as climate change degrades land and disrupts weather patterns, making it harder for farmers to grow enough to feed even their own households, according to CGIAR

In a bid to democratize opportunities for youths in Agriculture, we would be supporting youths in urban areas to grow crops and make money from the production of high quality agric produce.

MyFarmbase Africa launches her Climate Smart Agriculture Institute

In collaboration with AgriLab Initiative & Urban Farm Academy

Course Outline

  1. Vegetable Production
  2. Composting (Organic manure production)
  3. Organic Pesticide Production
  4. Sack Farming
  5. Water conservation technique.

Venue: Urban Farm Academy, Ikorodu, Lagos


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