Do not use Social Media to impress people; use it to impact people” Dave Willis

Conversation 1

Queen B calls Princess M. Hey Girl, I just got a job. Princess M replies, oh wow, congratulations girl. You did not tell me you were applying for a job, I thought you loved your job. Queen B replies I was not applying for a job, I got a message on LinkedIn from the CEO of XXX, a position just became vacant at his firm and he was looking for someone to fill the position. Someone who follows me on LinkedIn and follows the great work that I do recommended me. He contacted me, we had a skype interview and voila. I got the job. Are you serious? Replies Princess M and I do not even have a LinkedIn account. I am going to create one right away. You go do that; LinkedIn is the new CV/ Resume. Bye girl.

It’s becoming a practice that LinkedIn is your new CV/ Resume.

Conversation 2

Mr. Ade works in Marketing for a telecommunication company in Osun state along with Mr. Haruna.

Mr. Ade: Haruna, I just got offered a job in charge of regional marketing at a new startup company.

Mr. Haruna: interesting! Congratulations but how come?

Mr. Ade: through Facebook my brother?

Mr. Haruna: ah I’ve heard about that Facebook thing. How does somebody feel comfortable putting his information out like that? Anything can happen these days

Mr. Ade: Yes, that’s true but a lot of good can come if we use it for the right purposes. I reconnected with my old schoolmates this weekend, and 3 of them are starting a telecommunication business in Abuja, and when they heard what I do, they want me to be the new regional head in the North Central.

Mr. Haruna: Amazing! So, if I join this Facebook, I can meet my old classmates and colleagues?

Mr. Ade: you can do so much more with it

Conversation 3

Mr. A says to Mr. B, what’s your Twitter handle, I want to introduce you to experts in your field who you can learn a lot from their posts and interactions. Mr. B replies, sorry, I do not use Twitter because I do not like social media.

I am sure in one way or another everyone can relate to the three conversations above. I understand a lot of people have left social media because of cyberbullying, loss of interest or other reasons. However, I want to showcase different ways to effectively maximize social media for good. Social Media is very powerful and has changed the way we communicate and interact.

Ways to use Social Media for Good

  1. Networking

Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are great platforms to connect and network across borders. Social Media gives you access to individuals regardless of their locations. One of the reasons social media was created was to connect people. My favourite networking quote is “Your network is your net worth”. I personally have met great minds through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Follow people whose contents are beneficial to you. Follow organisations, who work in your field or your passion. Search and follow people in your field or area of interest on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and follow them. You can also meet mentors and experts on social media. Follow relevant hashtags. If you see someone is an area you are interested in reach out to the person and share your interest.

  1. Share information and learning

YouTube has a lot of educative content. If you want to learn about any topic such as Intellectual Property, Human Rights, how to cook, makeup, sewing among others. There are a lot of great tutorial videos on YouTube. You can also start a Vlog on YouTube on anything and share your expertise.

There are now quite a number of online platforms that offer free online classes and certificates.  You can learn on your schedule. You can go on these platforms to search for your course of interest and add value.

Edx Coursera

If you love the Sustainable Development Goals, the SDG Academy is a great place to learn online from experts of Sustainable Development.

  1. Marketing

Social Media is a great way to reach out to millions of customers. If you have a product or service which you provide to people, you can reach more customers using social media. All you need to do is research which Social Media platform fits your product Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or WhatsApp. You can also use advertisement tools to reach out to potential customers using Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Instagram Ads among others. A lot of creatives have found innovative ways to market their services to get traction.

  1. Employment generation

Social media has created new jobs that were not in existence such as Social Media Managers and Digital Marketers. A lot of organizations and companies are having Social Media Managers who handle all their social media platforms and content. Digital Marketers assist companies to market their products or services online and create marketing strategies.   Through Social Media, a lot of people have gotten jobs and opportunities. This happens as a result of referrals and the quality of content put out by the individual.

  1. Social Media as a Tool for Social Change

Social media can be used to raise awareness and advocate for a cause. If you are passionate about an issue affecting your community or areas, you can start by telling your story on social media and calling for collaborations and partnerships to address the issues. Issues such as poor quality of education, Children’s Rights, Pollution, Climate Change, Mental Health among others.

You can use Facebook or Instagram Live to talk about issues and educate people on a topic or raise awareness for a cause. You can now have leadership training, mentorship programs remotely using WhatsApp and Telegram. Such trainings are very convenient and can reach out to more people.

  1. Political Engagements and interactions

Social Media has aided to bridge the gap between politicians and their constituents. The general public can engage their representatives and vice versa. Elected representatives can have more interaction with their constituencies and can showcase their progress reports. If you want to collaborate on a project with your elected representative you reach out to them using Social Media and discuss such a project.

Now that you have learned some great tips on using social media for good. Hurry now, create or optimize your LinkedIn account, create a Twitter account, search for experts in your field, if you are a student search for internship opportunities on social media.


Let’s keep the conversation going by dropping comments at the comment section, sharing your own story or experience using Social Media for good. Thank you.

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