If you are interested in Artificial Intelligence and stay in Abuja this is for you.

AI Saturdays Abuja is an artificial intelligence community in Abuja, Nigeria. We offer free-to-attend classes on Data Science, Machine Learning and Deep Learning for 16-20 consecutive Saturdays through structured study groups. Our classes are based on curriculum from the world’s best universities and massive open online courses.

 At AI Saturdays Abuja, we have set out on an ambitious goal to democratize the knowledge of Artificial Intelligence and help our students build skills in AI engineering through our biannual cohorts. AI Saturdays Abuja started in August 2018 and its first cohort was from August to December 2018, a total of 16 weeks of study. During this period, materials used and learnt were Stanford University’s “Introduction to Computer Vision”, CS231n and “Deep Learning for Coders” from Fast.ai. AI Saturdays will be commencing its 4th cohort on 8th February 2020.

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