“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” Neale Walschi

This blog post was inspired by Jessica Cox, the World’s first licensed armless female pilot as well as the first armless black- belt in the American Taekwando Asociation.  She was born without arms due to a rare birth defect but she did not let that define her. During the opening ceremony of the World Youth Forum (WYF), which held from 14- 17 December 2019, in Sharm El Sheikh, Sinai, Egypt, Jessica gave a phenomenal and inspiring speech where she challenged young people to think outside the SHOE and channel their drive with persistence and fearlessness.  

Jessica Cox Comfort Zone
World Youth Forum

SHOE here stands for S- Self Limiting beliefs

                                       H- Habits

                                       O- Over Complications

                                       E- Excuses

Her speech brought back memories of late December 2018, after evaluating the year ending and making plans for the new year ahead, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and put myself out to the world.

A lot of times as humans we have a lot of self-doubts and limiting beliefs, habits such as procrastination, and most of all excuses. For a very long time, I had kept myself in my comfort zone where I felt safe and took little risks. Up until I stepped out of that comfort zone did, I start to fully experience and explore the potentials I had within me.

How I escaped my comfort zone

2019 was an amazing year, I stepped out of my comfort zone, I failed but I got up and kept trying. I focused on volunteering, personal development, read books, attended workshops, trainings, joined the African Presidential Leadership Program (APLP), made new friends, using social media for good, had my 1st Instagram Live Mental Health Project with Racheal Eyo, who I connected with on Twitter, Spoke at the World Youth Forum, joined the Climate Change Action, joined a unit in church, Started a Nonprofit, got quite a lot of rejections (Many if I am being honest) and some yes. At the end, I explored my fears of failure, I saw myself grow, and on the pathway to fulfilling my potentials and dreams.

The comfort zone is a situation where one feels safe or at ease. A Comfort zone is usually where we feel most safe. However, staying in your comfort zone means that you would not be exploring the full potentials that you have inside of you.

I was limiting myself, I was scared that if I took the steps I wanted to take, if I dared to dream, I would fail and nobody wants to fail. However, failure is good, because it gives you a chance to grow, to learn and evaluate where you are going wrong and come up with new and innovative ways to addressing life or whatever challenges you are facing.

4 Steps to help you get out of your comfort zone

Here are a few ways to help you get out of your comfort zone;

  1. Let go of all Self-Limiting beliefs and paint the picture you want to see.
  2. Write down your goals both short and long term. Work hard and be determined to achieving the goals. Use a vision board, it helps to keep you visualizing your goals daily. You can download goal-setting apps or vision board apps on your phone to always have your goals on the go.
  3. Write down some of your great achievements and stick it where you can see. It helps to keep you focused and on not so good days remind you of your wins.
  4. Use affirmations. I am a winner, I am enough, I am a go-getter among others.

As we get into the new year. I encourage everyone to step out of their comfort zone and see their potential growth. Start that business, pick up a new hobby, met you, friends, join social media and use it for good, start saving, start a pet project, focus on personal development, travel, hike and apply for that job.

My advice to everyone reading this post is you can do anything you set your mind on. I know it sounds like a cliché, trust me, I thought so too. Lol !!!

However, keep trying and do not allow self-doubt to win. It may not be easy, you would get some No’s along the way and some wins but most of all you would have grown, learned some life lessons along the way and you would have fulfilled your dreams or be the path to fulfilling those dreams.

Let’s keep the conversation going by dropping comments at the comment section, sharing your own story or experience, or some ways to help one step out of their comfort zone which I did not mention. Thank you.

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